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Integration is the Key 

After you Buy a Business, What Have You Got?

You have two businesses

Usually small and mid-size businesses are bought for their future potential, not the current status. To get the value out of the purchase, you need to plan how you will get this value, and you need to execute that plan. Often the plan is to integrate (or “merge”) all or parts of the two businesses together.  This is the acquisition integration in a process known as “post-merger integration”.


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I’ve Just Bought a Company – Now What? 

When you acquired a business, you had an intention, a strategy, of what you wanted to do with it. For example, you wanted take advantage of a very specialized team and the product that they develop, so that you can increase sales revenue. 

Acquiring a business is a set of intensive stressful activities that culminate in closing a deal. However, in many ways, buying a business is the easier part of realizing your acquisition strategy. You should now prepare for a major change in how you work on this merger. Acquisition Integration is a campaign of concurrent activities focused on a set of common objectives (known as Key Objectives), that take place over a long period, while continuing the activities of the general business.