Summa Caussa Is A Portfolio Company of nFLXn Point Group
Summa Caussa Is A Portfolio Company of nFLXn Point Group

A Comprehensive Audit For Your Development Program Work With An Experienced Team.

We sat down with two very experienced Senior Executives that have worked within the Non-Profit Sector, Tom Frazier, President of Summa Caussa and Chuck May – Founder of nFLXn Point Group.

Summa Caussa is a portfolio company of nFLXn Point Group.  We had a conversation about how philanthropy has changed, and some of the hot topics that are being discussed at board level and with major donors, individuals and corporate sponsors.

What Should A Non-Profit Focus On?

What is Tom Frazier's Experience

What is a Development Program Audit?

Experienced Leadership In The Non-Profit Industry

Do Non-Profits Have A Stable Income?

Why Is This So Important?

Work with a Third Party

Alternative Strategies


What is Summa Caussa?

What Can Be Done Today?

What Are The Risks of Doing Nothing?

The Value of a Consultancy


How Has Philanthropy Changed?

What is Philanthropy In Todays World?

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