Is… Sales

We are specialists in generating sales revenue for businesses in a wide range of industry sectors.  Sales is one of the most important areas of a business, as it fuels the other areas of a company so that it can grow and scale.

In todays environment, getting in front of the decision maker or influencers can be challenging and we are experts in identifying “suspects”, and then qualifying “prospects” and moving opportunities through the sales process and closing deals.

Prospect Development

We create a sales playbook that allows us to identify prospects that match your customer profile.

Appointment Setting

We have been setting qualified appointments for decades for our clients, that lead to sales.  

Sales Technology

We use the latest prospecting tools to identify opportunities and we develop a strong biz dev strategy.

Close Sales & Deals

The aim of a sales campaign is to create new revenue.  That is our primary focus. Close Sales.


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Sales is about getting in front of people that have the ability to pay for your services or products. 

kNEXTis has been closing deals for over thirty years for our clients, and we help you achieve your goals and objectives.

We can help you.  Book an appointment today to find out how.