BCN Referral and Barter Program

By entering into a referral or barter agreement with Business Class News or one of its affiliates you agree to either provide services or products to the value of the media or marketing exposure given to the the trade partner.

Business Class News will develop the relevant content at their expense.

Business Class News (BCN)  will promote the content on various social media platforms and their own distribution outlets.

Both BCN will,  at their own expense, collect and qualify opportunities and leads that are collected through their own efforts and electronic data collection methods.

All leads and inquiry data will be placed into BCN’s CRM and BCN will qualify the credentials to ensure they fit our Trade Partners criteria.

If the agreement is a referral agreement, BCN  will connect with interested prospects, and set up initial meetings and if it is deemed a qualified opportunity they will pass on the relevant information so that the Trade Partner can introduce their services or products.

Once a deal is secured between the Trade Partner and the Prospect, the Trade Partner will pay BCN the agreed referral fee or commission.

A master services agreement will be signed with the specific details of the program plus we require participating partners by completing this “Guest Request Document”

Why Enter Into A Referral Agreement?

Example of a Traditional Campaign


What Do You Get?


We work with you to develop a content plan to develop relevant content


We produce either Podcast Audio Shows and if applicable we will capture the video of the show to place on our video platforms


We place the content on Business Class News and depending on the agreement we will use the content in pro-active campaigns.

Lead Development

Our systematic approach to developing warm and hot leads have helped our clients and partners increase their revenue