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Connecting Missions to Results

Business Class News and Summa Caussa have partnered to bring stories and videos that showcase how powerful cause marketing and their non-profit consultancy strategies help organizations grow and become sustainable.

Tom Fraizer, President of Summa Caussa told us “Our mission is to deliver high-impact outcomes & large-scale passionate engagements for Great Causes. We believe that connecting causes, passions and resources is something we are uniquely designed for due to our strategic partnerships and varied experience.”

Karl Woolfenden, Publisher of Business Class News said “We are proud to be partners with Summa Caussa, and we look forward to telling our readers and viewers these wonderful stories.  We are also going to be helping Summa Caussa through our Sister company kNEXTis connect organizations with Summa Caussa’s very powerful program audits that help non-profits scale and be more effective.”

More information on Summa Caussa can be found of their website :